Taking pride in our communities

Fly-tipping Action Wales needs your help to create a future for Wales that is free from fly-tipping.

A future where fly-tipping is socially unacceptable.

A future where we all work together to take responsibility for our waste and take pride in our communities.

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What we do

Fly-tipping Action Wales exists to combat the threat against wildlife and humans and fight the damage to the environment in our countryside and towns by putting a stop to fly-tipping.

We work with over 50 partners, including the 22 Local Authorities across Wales, the national police and fire services and Natural Resources Wales to reduce the number of cases of fly-tipping until Wales becomes free from this crime.

Why we do it

In 2017/18 over 35,000 fly-tipping incidents were recorded in Wales, costing the Welsh taxpayer more than £2 million to clear up.

Fly-tipping is a crime. If caught you could face fines of up to £50,000 or imprisonment.

Fly-tipping is a blight on our towns and countryside and causes a threat to humans and to wildlife.

How we do it

As a partnership, we engage with households, private land-owners, property landlords, business owners and communities, to tackle fly-tipping together.

We educate the public about their duty of care towards their waste. We all have a responsibility to ensure that our waste is dealt with correctly.

We provide advice and information on ways to dispose of your waste.

We support those who need help tackling fly-tipping.

We use a range of innovative surveillance techniques and enforcement measures to catch fly-tippers.