I'm a landowner / landlord

Whether you are a private landowner or a property landlord, if you are giving away your waste to someone, you must make sure the person taking away your waste is registered with Natural Resources Wales as a waste carrier.



Under current Welsh law, it is the responsibility of a landowner to pay for and remove any illegally dumped waste left on their land.

If you find fly-tipping on your land you must:

  • Record as many details as possible and report it to your local authority
  • Ask your neighbours if they saw anyone or anything suspicious
  • You will need to dispose of the waste carefully, please check with the local authority that they have gathered any evidence they may require for a subsequent investigation before doing so.
  • Remember - the waste may be hazardous so care must be taken when handling the waste.

If you have been a victim of fly-tipping, the following guide from the National Fly-tipping Prevention Group (NFTPG) has more useful information.

Fly-tipping guide for landowners and land managers (produced by the NFTPG)


As a landlord, your rental property is classed as a business. Any waste materials that come from clearing or maintaining your property are therefore classed as business waste.

It is the responsibility of the landlord to take these materials to a waste facility that is authorised to accept this type of waste.

You can visit the Waste Awareness Wales website to find information on waste facilities in your area.


Read our advice for landlords leaflet for more information.