Taking pride in our communities

A Fly-tipping Free Wales


Working together to take pride in our communities


Have your say on the Welsh Government's Fly-tipping consultation to develop a new strategy to tackle the problem in Wales.



Fly-tipping Action Wales and the Welsh Government hosted a conference this autumn to inspire the action needed to create ‘A Fly-tipping Free Wales’. The one day event focused on joint working, best practice and ideas sharing to show how, together, we can all help raise pride in our communities and stamp out fly-tipping.

The Environment and Sustainable Development Minister outlined his vision towards tackling fly-tipping.

Latest figures published by the Welsh Government show that 36,000 plus reported cases occurred on public land alone in Wales resulting in a total clean-up cost of more than £2.1 million. The scale of the problem is far greater with people, businesses and places becoming victims of this unnecessary and faceless crime.

The 50 partners involved in Fly-tipping Action Wales play a pivotal role in the fight against fly-tippers. Since the partnership was established in 2007, partners have worked collaboratively to engage with various members of the community to educate them about their responsibility of getting rid of waste safely and legally. Over the years, innovative new approaches have and continue to be introduced to tackle fly-tippers but there is still work to be done.
The free one day event offered an opportunity to:

• Hear the Minister unveil his vision for a fly-tipping free future and be among the first to provide feedback during the open consultation process;


• Participate in a series of four break-out sessions, focusing on improving enforcement, engagement and education approaches;


The conference helped inform future Welsh Government policies and work on fly-tipping;

• Showcase the good work you are delivering day in, day out in tackling fly-tipping and the range of surveillance and enforcement techniques used;


• Network with a variety of operational and strategic managers from Fly-tipping Action Wales as well as delivery agencies, practitioners and community leads;


• Share cases of best practice including examples of work at local, regional and national level tackling fly-tipping;


• Learn first-hand about the impact of fly-tipping on innocent householders, business owners and hear the stories of reformed fly-tippers;  

The conference aimed to create ‘A Fly-tipping Free Wales’ for communities across Wales.   


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