Spring clean season is around the corner, and with 70% of fly-tips including household waste, Fly-tipping Action Wales has called on some well-known faces to inform householders of their “Duty of Care” to always check for a waste carrier licence when getting rid of waste.

We’ve teamed up with five of Wales’ favourite social media creators to share advice on disposing of waste responsibly — reaching a whopping 1.4M people in the process! Here’s what they have to say:

Practical de-cluttering tips with Welsh Mummy Steph

Welsh Mummy Steph is loved by parents across the country for her authentic insight into her life as a mother of two. She is extremely passionate about protecting Wales’ landscapes, for her children and others to enjoy now and in the future.

WATCH as Steph shares her top tips for disposing of waste responsibly during a big home de-clutter, with advice including:

  • Donating unwanted items to charity shops
  • Using your council’s bulky waste removal service
  • Taking waste to your local recycling centre 

welsh mummy steff.jpg

Spotting a dodgy waste carrier with Ellis Lloyd Jones

TikTok star Ellis is always bringing joy and positive advice to his followers.

Here, Ellis shares this hilarious take on a householder hiring someone to remove their household waste — pointing out some  major red flags to look out for to avoid getting caught out by a fly-tipper!


Heledd Roberts shares what Duty of Care really means

As the daughter of a recycling centre owner, the fly-tipping problem in Wales has always been something Heledd wanted to help fight back against. In this hard-hitting video, she shares facts about Duty of Care, including messaging that:

  • It is your Duty of Care to ensure you are disposing of your waste responsibly.
  • If your waste is found fly-tipped, you could still be fined, even if you paid someone else to take it away.

Heledd also shares practical tips on how you can check whether a waste remover is registered via the Natural Resources Wales website.

heledd roberts.png

Myth busting with Tom Rix comedy

Tom Rix is a South Wales based comedian, known on TikTok for his accents and impressions. He’s passionate about supporting and protecting life in Wales — so jumped at the chance to share practical advice in his usual cheeky manner.

Check out this video where Tom debunks common waste removal myths and warns viewers about the dangers of Facebook fly-tippers.


Avoiding becoming an unintentional fly-tipper with Reclaimed DNA

Darwin is a Cardiff based creator and sustainable business owner who shares news and views on the environment.

As someone who regularly takes part in litter picks across the capital city, here Darwin explains how to avoid becoming an unintentional fly-tipper, by:

  • Not leaving your rubbish next to a full bin
  • Not leaving old household goods on the street for people to collect
  • Making sure that charity shop donations are handed in during opening hours, and not left outside.

Please support our campaign and share our videos with your friends and family to make sure they know to always check for a licence when paying someone to take their waste away.